Welcome to BizIdeaShower.com, a business registry where early stage business start-ups can create a wish list of items and services they need to launch their businesses and where supporters of entrepreneurs have options to support and help out by purchasing anything from paper clips and staplers to the entrepreneurs’ wildest wishes.

There has been a long-held tradition of sharing a gift for a bridal or baby shower, so why not a business shower for start-ups? Gift registries for weddings and births became popular in western culture in the 1920s. Almost a century later, nearly 500,000 businesses launch annually in the U.S. alone and 100 million worldwide! Many of these early stage businesses fail after three years. According to Forbes Magazine and the U.S. Small Business Administration, there are almost 28 million businesses in the U.S. Think of the potential if these businesses had the tools and support they needed.

Now, philanthropic individuals and businesses who want to give back have an opportunity to support a business they believe in a substantial way.

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