When sending emails to your customers, of course you should pay attention to the content of the message you are sending out. However, people sometimes forget about how they are closing out the message. Your email signature is a small piece of the email, but it helps establish your identity, brand, and provide helpful information for your clients. So, what do you include in a professional email signature? Let’s discuss some of the main components.  

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  1. First and Last Name

The most important thing to include in your email signature is your first and last name. You want to make sure the recipient knows exactly who is sending them the email. Your name should be at the very top of your email signature, so it is the first thing your customer sees.  

  1. Company Info

Next, you should include your company information. This can be the name of the company you work for, your title, and even your department. This provides your customers with additional information as to who you work for and your role within the company.  

  1.  Secondary Contact Info

You should also include secondary contact information such as a phone number to call or text and your company’s physical address. Your customers may have a time where they wish to call you to discuss a topic over the phone rather than email, so making sure to list your phone number is very important. The physical address is important in case you schedule a meeting, or they need to send a document. 

  1. Social Media Integration

Another thing to include in your email signature, is links to your social media accounts. The best way to do this is to have social media icons that are linked to your pages. This way the icons are easily recognized and add a clean aesthetic to your signature. Adding your social media accounts can be a great way for your customers to get to know you more and have additional ways to contact you. While including your personal accounts is encouraged, you can always choose to link your company’s social accounts instead 

  1. Website

When creating your email signature, you should also include your company’s website. This will allow customers to have an additional way to contact you or to find out more about your company. It will also help to drive more traffic to your website.  

  1. Call to Action

Placing a call-to-action in your email signature is a great way to get your customers attention. Whether you have a blog you want them to read, new products to check out, or a special announcement. You can include a quick little link in your email signature to get them to click it and find out more information. Just be sure not to make it too wordy or cluttered, you still want it to be cohesive with the rest of your email signature.

  1. Booking Links

Your email signature is a great place to include booking or scheduling links. Having a “book time with me” or “schedule an appointment” button in your email signature, provides customers a quick and easy way to access your availability and book a time with you to discuss business.  

  1. Photo or Logo

Lastly, including an image element to your signature can make it look fantastic. You can include a headshot of yourself, which allows the customer to give a visual representation of whom they are conversating with and may be potentially meeting. You can also include a company logo to add to your overall email signature branding. In some cases, you can add both a headshot and a logo to your signature, just make sure the design allows for both without it being too overwhelming.