These lead times are estimated based on current schedules, responsiveness from all vendors involved, receiving necessary documentation, and client responsiveness and cooperation. These lead times are subject to change and may vary depending on the project. 

Service Estimated Lead Time Notes
Website Development 45-90 days The website development timeline is completely dependent upon website functionality, number of pages, provided content, and client responsiveness and cooperation. 
Payment Processor Setup for eCommerce Websites 2-3 weeks This setup process should begin at the same time as the website development process. It takes time to complete and will need to be completed in order to launch the site.  

Client should be prepared to provide the payment processor (PayPal, Stripe,, Capital Epay) with required business information such as SSN, Driver’s License, EIN number, Articles of Incorporation, Etc. We can assist with the setup, but the client is responsible for setting up the merchant account and getting approval. Approval of the account may take longer due to increased security measures taken by financial institutions. 

Google Paid Ads 2-3 weeks If client wishes to launch a Google Ad campaign upon the launch of the site, the process should be started in the initial stages of the website development. We will assist with the Google Ad campaign setup, but approval and response time is based solely on Google. Please be aware that the approval process could take longer than the estimated lead time. 
Social Media Services 2 weeks With all new social media accounts, it takes time to create the social media channels, gather content, create captions and graphics, and schedule posts. We require all photos, videos, and information to be provided before we begin the setup process. 
Voice Search and Online Visibility Report Software 2 weeks If you decide to add our Voice Search and Online Visibility service, it takes time to setup into the software. This involves inputting your business’ current information, services, photos, etc. into the system and troubleshooting inconsistent data.  
Website Updates 3-5 business days Due to an influx of website updates being needed for our clients, all non-emergency website changes can be submitted by phone or email. All updates will take 3-5 business days (not including holidays or weekends) to be completed. 

As always, any website or email emergencies will take high priority and be addressed as quickly as possible.