Website Development

Our business model is different from other website development companies. We do not like to build websites and hand them off, we like to build long-lasting relationships with our clients and have them come to us with any marketing questions and concerns. This means having that monthly customer service with us that simply goes beyond hosting and updates.  

Yes. Our team works on WordPress sites only. We work with WordPress because it is user-friendly which means we can train our clients on how to use it upon launch. WordPress was originally a blogging platform which Google favors in ranking. It is an easy-to-use platform that is completely customizable. It also has a portal of plugins to utilize and add functionality to your website. 

We work on a website development timeline of an estimated 45-90 days depending on the website’s functionality. We require all content for the website (photos and videos) to be provided to us before we begin development to ensure a smooth process. If you have an eCommerce website, the development timeline is contingent upon applying and receiving approval of a payment processor.  

Not only do we build your website, but we also host your website. We host your website on a cloud-based server, which is part of the monthly fee. 

Yes. Upon request, we train all clients on the backend of the website to get familiar with changing copy, photos, adding new pages, and making other content changes. We provide the training in person, through Zoom, or by video recordings. However, if you still need assistance or do not have the time to make necessary updates, our team can assist with them as well. 

At Capital District Digital, our project management approach consists of 5 phases: Identify, Analyze, Build, Ongoing Communication, and a Revisit Strategy. To learn more about each of the phases please see below. Our team meets each phase of our approach with creativity, problem solving, and technical expertise. Capital District Digital Website Development Albany NY Project Management Approach

Each website redesign is unique. The difficulty level of the redesign depends on the current condition of the website, what changes are needed, if it is switching platforms, and what content is needed.  

Yes, we have a copywriter on our team who can help create written copy for your website. This will be an additional cost factored into the website development price. To develop the copy, we will need basic direction or bullet points of information to include. 

Yes, we can help source photos from stock websites. We also work closely with a photographer and videographer if you would like custom photos taken at an additional cost. 

We have designed and developed websites for companies in the real estate, transportation, municipality, manufacturing, home improvement, and eCommerce industries. 

You can check out Our Work page to see examples of our work in various industries and read past client reviews.

Yes, we can assist you with logo creation. This will be an added cost to the website development. We will work with you to come up with a design that represents your company and branding. 

Yes, we offer up to 3 emails up to 250 mb each with standard packages. Additional email accounts can be created an added cost. We can also integrate the website with any current emails you may already have.  

We can build websites one of two ways. If you have a current website that you would like to remain functional during the redesign, we can build on a development server until it is ready to go live and be switched over. We can also operate on the live domain and install a “Coming Soon” page for new sites, or a “Maintenance Mode” page for current sites. 

Yes, we have the ability to create an eCommerce website for you. However, you must have a payment processor in place with an approved account to integrate into the site. For example, PayPal, Stripe,, or Capital Epay. You also need to provide our team with all products, shipping, and tax info. Be prepared to provide us any needed business information including SSN, EIN number, Articles of Incorporation, etc. to complete the eCommerce setup. 

If your new site is being built on a development server, there may be a slight period after we point your domain to our server where your domain will switch between your old and new sites. This occurs until the new site propagates fully throughout the internet. At no point will your website be down. 

Unfortunately, we do not build sites that are not on our server. Different servers have different access and capabilities. To ensure that we have complete access to your site during development and ongoing maintenance, we do require our clients to host their website with us. 

SEO & Google Analytics

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of using page titles, descriptions, keywords, locations, and images throughout your site. This helps to make your site visible in search results to people searching for related services or keywords. 

All of our website packages include basic SEO setup upon launch. We also offer more advanced SEO packages for further optimization.  

We do not guarantee any rankings on Google. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not instant, and Google’s ranking methods are changing constantly. We will optimize the pages on your site to the best of our ability including adding titles, descriptions, geotargets, and keywords. We will also optimize photos with alt text and key rich file names. 

Once the website is launched, we will install Google Analytics to start recording website visitors and other important analytics such as pages visited, keywords, and viewer locations. 

Yes. We use Microsoft Clarity, a brand-new website tracking software, to see how customers are interacting with your website. It uses screen capture and heat mapping software to see where people are scrolling, what they are clicking on, how long they are on a page, and what they are searching for on your site. 


Our website development process is completely customizable, tailored to the clients’ needs and goals. There are multiple factors that go into the website development cost including number of pages, website functionality, domain registration, and additional plugins or security needed. We will work with your team by asking questions to assess your needs and desires for the project and quote you accordingly. Please contact us to receive a quote for your website development project.

Our monthly fee includes software updates, WordPress plugin updates, hosting of the website, ongoing basic SEO, and customer service. These are some of the factors that contribute to this pricing: 

-Plugins, theme, and WordPress requires updates 

– Outdated software creates vulnerability within the site and provides an opportunity for hacking 

-Outdated software could mean functionality stops working and may require troubleshooting to solve an issue 

-Updating plugins is not always straightforward and may cause problems due to comparability issues