A company is never just a singular entity, and Capital District Digital stands as exemplary proof of this fact. We are the sum of many parts, molded and challenged by the experiences and the journeys that inspired us to create this wonderful company that connect and inspire us daily.

Let’s start at the very beginning, shall we?

As the head of the Digital Retention team for the Times Union, Anthony was mentored under one of the industries’ largest media moguls, George Hearst. During this time, he tirelessly endeavored to educate businesses on the importance of embracing a digital marketing presence in a world that was rapidly deviating from print. Realizing the opposition and suspicion many companies held towards the unfamiliar online world, Anthony understood that a different approach was necessary, and patiently educated his clients as to the benefits and necessity of joining the new web-based consumer industry.

His success led to an impressive network of loyal and appreciative clients. But it also revealed an intriguing and slightly disappointing reality: websites were not something many small businesses could afford.

So when creative differences influenced Anthony to leave the Times Union he aspired to create a company with his partner Kaila that would allow companies of every budget to present themselves in a professional and well-organized manner online.

Desiring to connect with their community further, Kaila and Anthony joined the Capital District Chamber of Commerce in 2016. During that Fall, Kaila participated in the 8-week Entrepreneurial Boot-Camp program, finishing in the top 3 of her class! After graduation, both Kaila and Anthony were invited to sit on marketing panels at the chamber, where they shared their wisdom and experiences with other young entrepreneurs.

This dedication to community and the individual is at their core precisely what Capital District Digital signifies. Their combined skill-set taught them that in an ever-changing market customer service is paramount, and they consistently go above and beyond for their clients. Not because they’re obligated, but because it is their genuine desire.

For both, Capital District Digital is so much more than a business; it is their passions and their dreams personified. Because of this dedication and attention to person-satisfaction, Capital District Digital has had the privilege to create custom websites for some of the biggest players in an incredibly diverse assortment of industries!

With nearly 100 developed sites and more than 10 currently in development, their reputation speaks for itself. Regardless of complexity, they always put forth their greatest effort to build a successful product that will benefit their client.

A Message from our Founders

So for all of the support, the encouragement, and inspiring us to evolve and strive for more, we’d like to extend a huge thank you from the bottom of our hearts to our wonderful clients. To those who mentored us, who provided advice and offered encouragement. Our company succeeds because of those around us and it is our greatest promise to always work tirelessly and efficiently for you all.