With growing technology, voice assistants such as Alexa, Siri, and Google are becoming more popular than ever. Many households throughout the world, rely on their voice assistant software to help them answer questions with minimal effort on their behalf. What does this mean for your company? It’s time to optimize your SEO for voice search. So, how do we do this exactly?  


  1. Add your Business Listing to Voice Search Platforms

    At Capital District Digital, we take care of this part for you with our Voice Search digital marketing service. We work with your company to make sure your business information is complete, up to date, and then mass distribute the information to a variety of popular voice search platforms including Alexa, Siri, Google, and Cortana.

  2. Focus on Local Search Results

    Most voice searches that are done are location-based, meaning people are asking questions regarding a business’ location, their hours, or asking something like, “What restaurants are near me?”. It’s important to optimize your website for better local search results. This includes making sure your key geotarget locations are visible in your website’s content and SEO. Don’t forget to optimize your Google My Business listing as well. This is a great place to provide up to date information regarding location, hours, phone number, and other information people may be asking in a voice search.

  3. Keep it Simple with Conversational Language

    There is one important difference to consider when people type in a search to Google, rather than using voice search. When using voice search, the language is much more conversational. You address Siri, Alexa, Google, or whoever and then ask it a question of instruct them to complete a task on your behalf. Since the voice search platforms use more conversational language, it is important to optimize your website with more conversational and long-tail keywords rather than single keywords.

  4. Properly Structure the FAQ Page on your Website

    Having an FAQ page on your website can really help with optimizing for voice search. When creating your FAQ page, make sure to keep the format more conversational as if a customer would be asking you the questions directly in person. Structuring it like a formal document will limit the amount of questions voice search platforms will relate to your website. The more relatable the questions on your FAQ page are, the better. This will help your business to show up in Featured Snippets where voice search platform’s answers are generated from.

  5. Anticipate User Questions and Answer Them

    It is extremely important to optimize your website with answers to questions that your customer are asking. Make sure with any question a customer should have about your company, they can easily find a clear answer to it within your website content. Having more informative content will help you to get more featured snippets, which in turn generates more voice search platform answers for your customers.

If you have any additional questions on optimizing your website for voice search, please contact the Capital District Digital team.