We all know how quickly TikTok has gained popularity in the social media world. If you are a business owner looking for a unique way to market your products or services, you should definitely create a presence for your business on this successful social media platform. So, how do you do that? Here are 3 TikTok Tips for business owners. 

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  1. Keep Your TikTok Video Short and Sweet

The length of your video is key. TikTok’s algorithm for how they choose to display videos is constantly changing. Recently, they announced that video uploads will be extended to ten minutes in length. However, for best results in the current algorithm, a video that is 10-30 seconds in length tends to perform best. This helps to maximize the watch time and completion rates for the videos. So, when creating your videos remember to keep them short and to the point.

  1. Utilize Current Trends

Utilizing current trends is crucial when creating content for your viewers. TikTok constantly has trending categories for sounds, memes, challenges, and hashtags. By using these trends, you can seem relevant, and you may be more likely to appear on users “for you” page. This also shows that your business stays on top of current trends within marketing, which makes you seem more reputable and relatable to your customers. Here are some of the most popular current TikTok trends right now.

  1. Cross-Promote on Other Social Channels

Once you have created content to post, use your other social media channels for cross-promotion. When starting off with a new TikTok account, you may not have a large following right away. If your other social media channels like Instagram and Facebook have larger followings, post your TikTok videos to those platforms as well. This will help increase the video views and engagement and encourage people to go directly to your TikTok account to follow you there as well.