So, you’ve decided to launch a new website for your business. How exciting! There’s a lot that goes into developing a new website like copy, design, functionality, and more. Because there are so many moving parts to coordinate, building a website can take some time. Especially when you want it to be perfect, since it is a digital representation of how people view your company. During this development time, we highly recommend having a Coming Soon page up for your website. This is page that customers will see when they type in your website or search for it in Google. On the page they will find your logo, a tagline, and brief description of your company and its products/services. Let’s dive deeper into 3 benefits of having a coming soon page before your website launch. 

Watch Capital District Digital’s 3 Benefits of Having a Coming Soon Page Before Your Website Launch  Video!

  1. Create Brand Awareness and Get People Talking

One benefit of having a coming soon page before your website launch, and possibly the best benefit, is that you can create brand awareness and get people talking about your company. By having your logo, tagline, and brief description about your company on your coming soon page, people will start to learn about what you do. It will get people to start to talk about your products and services. By displaying your branding colors, logo, tagline, and company name in a uniquely designed way, people will begin to develop brand awareness and recognition around your company. You can also include teasers and enticing information to get people excited about your website launch. 

  1. Generate Leads and a Social Media Following

Another great benefit to having a coming soon page is it gives you an opportunity to generate leads before your website launch. You can add an online form on your coming soon page to get customers to fill out to stay up to date on company news, announcements, and progress on the website launch. This will start to grow your email subscriber list for any email marketing campaigns down the road. Your coming soon page is also a great place to prominently display and link your social media accounts. This way when someone goes to the coming soon page, if they want to learn more about your company before the website launch, they can start following your company in other ways through social media.  

  1. Jump Start SEO Before your Website Launch

Having a coming soon page up and running before launching your website, can help jumpstart your SEO efforts and help your business start ranking before the actual website it launched. Adding meta descriptions, keywords, page titles, and alt text for images can help your pages begin to rank behind the scenes with Google. Ranking in Google takes time, so having the coming soon page up earlier, gives you more time to start ranking. However, if your site is in development for too long, those pages that are not ready to be published could start ranking before they are ready to be viewed. So, just be cautious of this moving forward when developing your website.