If you’re a company looking to launch your first website, or making updates to refresh your current website, there are some important factors to considerWhile having a fresh and cohesive overall design is extremely important, there are also a few things that need to be included in the basic structure of the site. Let’s take a look at the first 4 things customers look for on your website. 

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  1. Clear Explanation of What You Do

The first, most important, thing to consider when building your website is to make sure you have a clear explanation right away on the home page of what your business does. If a customer comes to your website looking for a specific service and even though you offer it, it’s hard to find or not listed on your site, they will easily lose interest. Make sure to give a brief overview of what services or products your company offers and what makes you unique.  

  1. Easy Navigation

Customers want to be able to find the information they are looking for easily and quickly on your website. This means you need to have a clear, and easy-to-navigate menu structure. Label your pages with easy-to-understand titles. Also, it’s important to call out product categories or services you offer within your pages so your customers can go directly to the page to find out more information. 

  1. Testimonials

Another thing that is becoming highly popular for customers to look for in a website, is testimonials from other customers. The great thing about the internet nowadays is that you can find a review of a company or product anywhere these days. Whether it is on a company’s website, social media, google my business, or on a third-party review site.

If your website doesn’t list reviews of your products or services, chances are your customers will look at competitor’s websites to see if they do. Customers ultimately decide to do business with a company they trust, and not having testimonials on your site, unfortunately can make you seem untrustworthy especially when they compare you against other sites that have them. 

  1. Multiple Contact Options

At some point or another during the sales process, your customers are likely to have a question or want to speak with someone regarding your service or product. If your website lacks contact information with multiple ways of getting ahold of you (phone, text, email, contact form), they will lose interest. They want to be able to get their questions or concerns answered immediately. Another great way of offering multiple contact options for them is to enable a live chat feature within your site, or set up a google voice number to enable quick messaging features.